Sports & Golf Clubs

CHS recognise that the provision of high quality health and fitness facilities can make a considerable difference to the financial well being of many leisure businesses, particularly hotels and golf clubs.
CHS are able to offer a number of services that will enable businesses to invest in facilities, confident that they can provide excellent returns on their investment.

CONSULTANCY- CHS can help you avoid the pitfalls of badly designed clubs and ancillary facilities. Well-designed health clubs have a terrific advantage over their rivals in being able to offer facilities that are perceived as professional and a pleasure to attend.

MARKETING – CHS has wide experience in developing sales and marketing strategies and deploying sales impact teams to drive Health & Fitness operations. Thus ensuring that your new facility can derive revenue streams that can make a major impact on your bottom line.

PURCHASING – Our links with some of the World’s largest equipment manufacturers can guarantee you savings of up to 50% on the very best and most popular ranges.

DESIGN AND BUILD – If required CHS can use their specialist design team and building contractors to complete a project from start to finish.

MANAGEMENT – For businesses that do not wish to operate their own club, CHS can offer a number of flexible options that can take away the day-to-day worry of running your own facility while still generating healthy profits and an enhanced reputation for your business.