Schools & Colleges

CHS recognise that many educational institutions are seeking new ways to maximise the potential of existing or planned facilities.

CHS are able to offer a number of services that will enable schools and colleges invest in the future confident that excellent returns can be provided through sensible and considered investment.

CONSULTANCY- CHS can help you avoid the pitfalls of badly designed, poorly thought out facilities. A combined experience of over 50 years in the industry is a powerful tool in understanding the intricacies of the leisure industry

MARKETING – CHS’s has wide experience in developing sales and marketing strategies and deploying sales impact teams to drive health, fitness and leisure operations. This ensures that your new facility can derive revenue streams that can make a major impact on your bottom line.

PURCHASING – Our links with some of the World’s largest equipment manufacturers can guarantee you savings of up to 50% on the very best and most popular ranges.

DESIGN AND BUILD – If required CHS can use their specialist design team and building contractors to complete a project from start to finish.

MANAGEMENT – for Establishments that do not wish to operate their own club, CHS can offer a number of flexible options that can take away the day-to-day worry of running your facilities while still generating healthy profits and an enhanced reputation for your facility.