Create the competitive edge for your clients and reap the benefits!

One of the biggest challenges facing every company is how to recruit and retain high quality staff against ever increasing competition. If this is an issue for your company it is certainly one for your clients. Why not help them with this challenge by creating benefits for their staff and a unique selling advantage for your facility.

Providing high quality cost effective health and fitness programmes to your client, represents major benefits to employees of that company. This fact is recognised by major employers, a vital component in keeping high performing talented staff on board.

In providing this as part of your developments, you are anticipating the needs of your clients and helping them to gain a significant business advantage in the stiff competition for intellectual capital.

The Corporate Health Solutions (CHS) team has over 50 years experience and combined knowledge of the corporate health and fitness market place. We have designed and managed some of the most successful facilities in the United Kingdom.

CHS recognise that corporate health is a market with special requirements and if it is to be successful must be professionally managed, from design to completion. CHS can do this, and build in to its programmes the quality that high performing companies deem as essential